Robert Jacobson, Ph.D. – Chairman & Strategist at Atelier Tomorrow Inc.

I recommend Sandra unequivocally. ┬áBesides her other business virtues, Sandra is personable, punctual, creative, and a good value at any price. In 2001-03, Sandra’s communications strategy and campaign boosted my new company, ModViz, Inc., from obscurity to partnership with Fortune 50 companies and key investors. Subsequently, I’ve seen her deliver for new, early-stage, and mezzanine companies in biotech, nanotech, optics, and visualization, as well as general R&D — always a hit, every time. I’ve also known her as a skilled event organizer, as both an exhibitor and a speaker. The seminars and conferences she organizes are always excellent. If you need strategic communications help — branding, public relations, investor relations, or positioning — hire her now!

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